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I am a huge Nike shoes fan.

I am a huge Jordans shoes fan. I use only Jordans shoes and have about 12 pairs. My current favourite pair is the Flyknit. I am also a big fan of Jordans shoes outfits, especially their shorts and t-shirts. I also use gels like Cliff, Power Gel and Accelerade during my long runs. However, I am not a big fan of sports drinks. But I do make sure I eat something solid like a fruit or a protein bar approximately 30 minutes after my workout / run. Also, I use compression calf socks for recovery after the long run.

I started running ten years ago, when I was living overseas. A lot of my expat friends were into running. I was an avid gym-loving person and used to do treadmill runs regularly. But the day I started running outdoors, I fell in love with it. It has also helped me get fit and stay lean.

Just do it! This is a message especially for the women out there ¨C try it out! It will help you get fit, look good, and will boost your self-confidence. Moreover, it¡¯s a great way to get some ¡®me time¡¯ as well!